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It’s been rumored that Rodney Atkins’ “I’ve been watching You” was based on his real life situation with Tim McGraw.

Why do I run into more Country Music colleagues at a coldplay concert than at a Kenny Chesney one??

Jennifer Hanson?? I guess it was a “Beautiful Goodbye.” She barely said hello.

Is anybody still “Here for the Party?”

Why does a certain record label president think that the Nashville Roast is a reason for the “current state of the music industry?”

Is the ole internet excuse not working for ya anymore??

How about making a record worthy of purchasing.

So is the Taylor Swift cover of “Strawberry Wine” in the can yet?

I’ve got a joke for you: Lonestar. Get it?

Tiki Barber had two fumbles all of last year. He is still not protective of his balls as Faith Hill.


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Please raise your hand if you have NOT slept with Lorrie Morgan? Anyone??

Do Kenny Chesney’s numerous vocal tuners (that he uses when singing live) constitute as “performance enhancing substances?

If Troy Gentry doesn’t watch his weight, he’s gunna become a DUO all by himself.

Anyone heard from Jo Dee Messina lately? Apparently, more than her “give a damn” is busted.

I wonder if Miranda’s “Crazy ex-girlfriend” was inspired by Blake Shelton’s ex?

Is Kirt Webster an embarrassment to the entire gay community?

Would someone please tell Kellie Pickler that we already have a Carrie Underwood. One with talent.

Apparently, Josh Gracin has fallen out of his Big Brass Bed. We didn’t notice, either.

Does Scott Borchetta’s hair sometimes get caught in the Big Machine?

Is Travis Tritt Still a member of the country club.

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Has Keith U. had the same song out for 18 months, or does it just seem like it…

Is Joe Nichols solely responsible for the spike in suicides?

Has he sold a record yet?

I heard they brought in a real live goat to hit some of the higher notes on Toby’s last CD.

They may have to change Gary LeVox’s hairstyle soon. His hairdresser can no longer get in close enough to style it.

When is Jennifer Nettles going to fire that guy that’s in all her videos? Oh…he’s part of Sugarland?!?!

Congrats to B&R for finally getting their first #1. Their flash in the pan is almost over.

Saw Ty Herndon at the YMCA in Green Hills last week. In the locker room. Define scared.

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Why do I laugh every time I see Scott Borchetta’s license plate?? Huh, DOMIN8R??

What in the hell is up with his hair? Halloween is the only day that the male perm should be pulled off.

Why doesn’t Universal South just shut the doors already? This is getting embarrassing.

Is it possible for one person to embarrass an entire industry?? Mindy will surely find out.

I saw Wynonna’s husband in the mall the other day. I held my daughter tightly.

I believe that there are more Canadians in Nashville than Canada.

I heard that Kenny fell out of a chair at Southstreet a few weeks ago. He was trying to climb down.

Does Tracy L. even need to open his mouth when he sings?

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