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Rascal Flatulence performed on July 4 with the Boston Pops Orchestra. Is nothing sacred anymore? Gary LeVox is said to have been mistaken for an out-of-tune violin.

I guess with the announcement of Larry Willoughby’s departure, Autumn House delegated Melissa Fuller to immediately send out an extensive A&R tip sheet to publishers –including all of one artist! I’m glad they decided to get busy!

Nashville Star producer Howard T. Owens said this week that he wants to make the show more “country-sounding” in order to make the Nashville music industry and fans proud. H.T., the only thing that would make us proud is if you changed the show’s name and location.

Let’s hope that when she grows up, Keith’s newborn daughter doesn’t get involved in a porno aptly titled “Raining On Sunday.”

So the U.S. House of Representatives passes a resolution honoring Toby Keith for his outstanding commitment to the U.S. Military? I doubt Craig Morgan and Josh Gracin will be attending the party.

TNR received an email from Amy Winehouse this week. She said that Mindy McCready is starting to take things a little too far and should probably seek preofessional help.

We heard “Neverland Ranch” is for sale. Wonder if Kirt Webster is going to bid on it and move his offices there? If he added some rides and exotic animals to the mix, someone might actually visit him.

All of a sudden, I feel a lot safer knowing that my daughter is going to a Tim McGraw concert.

According to a Grand Junction, CO health official, the Country Jam Music festival causes a spike in the number of pregnancies amongst their residents. Apparently, they are all trying to find something better to do.

We at TNR have recently learned that Kenny Chesney will soon be coming out with a new Greatest Hits album titled Variations of ‘She’s Got it All’. It will include all singles from then until now.

Some of the folks on Music Row have been complaining about the increased number of bums stalking 16th Ave. We weren’t aware the Velvet Rope was having an in-town convention!


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