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I really hate to be mean, but if our new Nashville Star can sell 23 albums and secure a Krispy Kreme sponsorship, it would surpass my expectations. She puts the “ass” in embarrasment.

Hey Blake Shelton, ‘She wouldn’t Be Gone’ if you could keep it in your pants and off Miranda’s bus.

I wonder if Gretchen Wilson learned anything about copyright infringement while getting her GED.

I love how Gary LeVox just shaved his head and is trying to pass himself off as the “new” band Trailer Choir.

There’s a rumor that James Otto is joining Big and Rich on an upcoming national tour. I wonder if they’ve ever thought about forming a trio… Call it Big & Rich & Ugly.

Apparently Brad Paisley has entitled his new album, Play, after his favorite Nashville hot spot.

Toby Keith’s political arrogance and false sense of relevancy make me wish he would go ride around on a scooter with Will Hoge.

Speaking of Toby…betcha didn’t know that he owns a 30% stake in a group of brothels in Amsterdam…

Did they actually record new tracks to Keith Anderson’s new single (I still Miss You) or did they just let him sing over the karaoke tracks for “Sweet Southern Comfort?”

Challenge for the day: Describe Kenny Chesney’s appearance without using the words “Jiminy Cricket” or “turtle.” Can’t be done!

In a foot look-alike contest, Heidi Newfield would tie Sarah Jessica Parker for first place!

No elaboration or setup is required, just click here and laugh


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